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A fixed price check of your house.

Our local chartered surveyors undertake an intrusive investigation as standard to determine the exact condition of your steel frame.

No endoscopes here, only real eyes on the places where it really matters.

Whilst endoscopes have their uses they also have their limitations. We have discovered first hand that the only true way to determine the condition of a steel frame is to see it with the naked eye. All our surveyors are accompanied by builders who undertake opening up and making good.


Our surveyors follow current guidelines so your property is checked in the locations where it needs to be.


Our builders make good so that all opening up is left weathertight and secure.


Book an appointment at a time that suits you.

Your steel frame should be checked every 20 years.

When was yours last looked at? Is it time to book an inspection now? By knowing the condition of your steel frame you are not committing to getting it repaired but empowering yourself to plan for the future.