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Other services for steel frames

In addition to steel frame surveys and repairs, Steel Frame Repairs offers a range of other services to ensure the safety and longevity of your building’s steel frame. Here are some of the additional services we provide.

Structural openings and alterations

By using our understanding of how steel frame properties are constructed we can safely make changes to their load bearing components.

Either by us following designs produced by your engineers or by using our own design team we can create whatever openings or alterations you require.

Steel frame restoration and refurbishment

Over time, steel frames can suffer from wear and tear, which can lead to damage and deterioration. Steel frame restoration and refurbishment involve restoring the steel frame to its original condition or upgrading it to meet modern standards.

Our team at Steel Frame Repairs can provide a range of restoration and refurbishment services, including:

– Painting and coating

– Renovation and modernization

– Insulation and energy efficiency upgrades

– Refurbishment of steel frame houses


Rust can be a major problem for steel frames, as it can weaken the structure and lead to safety hazards.

Some steel frame houses suffer from condensation based corrosion, particularly in the loft space, because of a lack of ventilation. We retrofit ventilation in whatever form best suits your property. Other associated works include upgrading insulation, replacement roof coverings and installation of vapour barriers.

Specialist repairs and everything else

Whatever you need and however you want it done, let us know and we can help. From technical modifications or regular maintenance to facilitating more major works we can design and build or follow your instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time required for steel frame reinforcement will depend on the scope of the work required. Our team will provide an estimate of the costs and timeline for the work during the consultation phase.

It’s recommended to schedule a steel frame survey every 5-10 years to ensure the ongoing safety and longevity of the building’s steel frame.

Signs that your building’s steel frame may need repairs include visible signs of corrosion or rust, cracking or deformation, or damage from fire or impact.

Yes, we provide steel frame repairs for both commercial and residential buildings in the South.

We can prevent rust from forming on a steel frame by applying rust inhibitors or sealants, sandblasting or power washing to remove rust, or painting or coating to protect against rust formation.

Yes, we offer a range of energy efficiency upgrades for steel frames, including insulation and other upgrades to reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs.

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