Affiliated Surveyors and Engineers

This website generates leads for steel frame inspections.

As a basic we can hand you leads for steel frame inspections free of charge. All we ask is that you recommend us if the steel frame needs repairing. If a job requires a Certificate of Structural Adequacy you will automatically get first refusal.

If you are not so familiar with steel frame inspections and the specific places where corrosion is most common then we can help. Just get in touch and we will guide you through the modern methodologies that are used to determine a steel frames life expectancy.

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A Little About Me

My mum was a bookkeeper and my dad was a draughtsman in the aerospace industry. I grew up in a average house in a nice town in Hampshire doing regular stuff like riding my bike and watching TV. I was never very good at sport and found it difficult to concentrate at school, but I always enjoyed making things. In my teen years I repaired, upgraded or dismantled just about anything I could get my hands on. My real fascination was making something new and unique from what would otherwise be standard parts. One of my most successful innovations was a box filled with electronics to remotely switched side lights on and off from a key fob. Nowadays devices like this can easily be bought off of the internet.

Into my twenties, and with Masters degree in civils behind me, I worked in a design office producing calculations for steel beams and the like. Never completely happy sat behind a desk I managed to take a break to help my boss convert his garage into some living accommodation. The next ten years were spent as a general builder, fitting bathrooms and kitchens, building extensions and learning the main trades within the construction industry. In 2016, following some advice from a colleague, we launched, a website dedicated to the technical aspects of property maintenance and repair. One of the services we offer that gets the most interest is the inspection and repair of steel framed houses. In 2021 we launched this website to help homeowners find us so they can make sure their steel frame is properly inspected and maintained.

Whether you’re in the office or on a site you can get in touch. Whatever means of communication suits you best.

Email, voice call, text message, Skype, WhatsApp, video call, Zoom, Teams, Meet, Messenger or any other platform that suits you. We can even meet face to face if that’s what you prefer.